About Referral Central

Referral center is a platform for consumers who want to promote products or services of any type to someone who is quite unfamiliar with certain businesses.

This could be referring someone on contacting a design firm for a business template or logo. It could be referring someone to stay in a resort for a holiday vacation. It could also be suggesting someone for fire alarm security services for a family’s new resident. In a nutshell referral marketing is a process to encourage and significantly increase referrals from word of mouth, perhaps the oldest and most trusted marketing strategy. Well, we believe many people are unfamiliar with many oriented and well-organized businesses which could effectively be useful for several works. Our center is for those consumers who are willing to help other people in finding businesses that could help their immediate needs. This site is a completely Consumer Surplus site where you will get a certain amount of incentive from every refers you make.

The idea of Referral center was brought out by the CEO of our company Mr. Evan Islam. Evan Islam is an online marketing specialist who is leading several successful IT-based websites that have effectively benefited a huge amount of consumers all over this world. For many years the referral marketing system was one of his prime business objectives. He came up with this idea through some of his relative who was unable to find well-organized businesses by the means of E-Commerce.