How It Works?

Referral central works in 5 steps.

  • 01

    Create Account

    The referral has to open an account providing every basic contact information. The consumer will fill up the referral form provided by the company.

  • 02

    Get a referral to sign up

    The referral will fill-up the form with all the information in detail mentioning the major qualities that the client needs.

  • 03

    Review the referral

    The client will review referred on the basis of every parameter that they need to fulfill. The admin will change the status of the referral evaluating the client's review. To get the update of your referral, log in to your account.

  • 04

    Earn money

    Earn money when your referral is sold to the clients and the deal is signed between the affiliated client of the referral-central.Get your payment on a monthly basis or as per the fixed amount per referral.

  • 05


    The referral can easily repeat the whole process to refer to for unlimited times. The repeat method benefits the referrer as it is less time consuming because the referrer needs not to fill-up the form of referral-central which has been already filled up before.